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Wright-Austin Type ST Steam Separator/Trap 1"

Wright-Austin Type ST Steam Separator/Trap 1½" 1" Wright-Austin Type 'ST' Steam Separator

Eaton (Wright-Austin) Gas/Liquid Separators are often installed ahead of steam turbines to protect the turbine blades from the erosive action of wet steam, pipe scale and other damage causing entrained solids. They are also installed in steam distribution lines to assure clean, dry steam entering heat exchangers, autoclaves, sterilizers, pressure reducing valves, temperature regulators, meters and other process equipment.

    * Removes 99% of all liquids and solids, 10 microns in size & larger from air, gas, or steam flow.
    * Cast Iron Construction
    * FNPT Connections
    * Integral Steam Trap
    * No Moving Parts
    * Rated 250 PSIG @ 450 Deg. F.

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