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Heat-Timer ZCP-5 Zone Switching Relay Panel

Heat-Timer ZCP-5 Zone Switching Relay Panel
    HEAT-TIMER ZCP Zone Control Panel

    A versatile Zone Control to operate Zone Pumps or Zone Valves.

    * A Five-Zone Control that can operate either Zone Pumps or Zone Valves. The same control can be configured to operate either Zone Pumps or Zone Valves with End Switches. Just select the proper output.

    * Domestic Hot Water Zone. The first Zone can be configured either as a heating zone or a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) zone. The DHW Zone can then be configured to either have priority or to run without priority. When Priority is selected, An adjustable Priority Time Delay is provided for better control.

    * Secondary Hard to Heat Priority Zone. Even with DHW Priority set, the ZCP can configure a zone to be excluded from the priority. This can be helpful for hard to heat zones. The ZCP will provide heat to those zones even during DHW priority calls.

    * Digital Display of All Zones Status. The ZCP is equipped with a two line digital display. It displays all menu items in simple English. In addition, all zone status will be displayed.

    * Expandable to 10 Zones. Although, a single ZCP can control five zones, two ZCPs can be daisy chained to offer a total of up to ten zones. One will act as the master while the other will be the Slave/Extension. Just purchase the extension cable. Interface with the HWE-SS Outdoor Reset Control. The ZCP can be wired to control the boiler and the system pump. Additionally, it can be wired to an outdoor reset control as the HWE-SS to take advantage of its Outdoor Reset and DHW Set Point capabilities.

    * Boiler Warm Up Period. To help reduce the effect of circulating cold water to the zones when the boiler has not run for an hour, a call for any of the zones will energize the Boiler and System Pump relays. However, all zone outputs will be energized after the boiler warm up period.

    * Pump Delay. An adjustable Run-On delay is provided to help dissipate the excess heat from the system in to the zones.

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