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Heat-Timer 1" 4-Way Radiant Motorized Valve

Heat-Timer 1¼" 4-Way Radiant Motorized Valve Heat-Timer 1" 4-Way Radiant Motorized Valve

4-Way Radiant Motorized Valves
Radiant heat valves are used to mix water to a desired temperature. The hot water from the boiler is blended with the a proportion of the cooler water returning from the system to maintain the correct water temperature entering the system.

Note: These valves can also be used in diverting applications.

    * Cv = 21
    * Brass Body
    * Motor Speed 1.7 Minutes
    * Valves come complete with 24V motors and linkage (if required)
    * Designed to withstand the temperature and pressure demands of most types of HVAC systems
    * Valve motor has infinite adjustability between fully open and fully closed
    * Valve has threaded connections
    * Less End Switch

O&M Manual

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Price: $493.39

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