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Spence D50 Pressure Regulator 2" 10-40 PSI

Spence D50 Pressure Regulator 2" 10-40 PSI 2" Spence D50 Pressure Reducing Valve, Direct Acting Steam, Water, And Air Valve, FNPT Connection, Max Pressure 200 PSI, Max Temp 400 F, Material of Construction Cast Iron, SST Internals Height 14-1/4"; 6-5/8" FTF; Length 9"

* Quick-response, pressure-reducing valves can be used for steam, water, or gas applications.
* With internal stainless steel strainer, adjustable pressure screw
* Meets ASME/FCI 70-3 Class IV shutoff
* Adjustable 10-40 PSI Spring Range
* SKU: D50-C1H9D

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