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Spence ED Steam Pressure Reducing Valve 2" ANSI 250#

Spence ED Steam Pressure Reducing Valve 2½" ANSI 250#
2" Spence Model 'ED'
Available in Cast Iron and Cast Steel materials, the Spence Type ED pressure regulator is designed to reduce a steady or varying initial pressure to a constant, adjustable delivery pressure. Normal accuracy of regulation is 1 psi. Ranging in size from 3/8" to 12", the type ED is designed for use in steam plants and district heating systems. The Cast Iron valves are constructed for steam service up to 450F; the Cast Steel valves are constructed for superheated steam service up to a temperature of 750F. This regulator is capable of single stage, two stage, and parallel reduction.
    * Cast Iron Body
    * ANSI 250# Flanged
    * Stainless Steel Trim
    * Rated 250 PSIG @ 406F.
    * ANSI/FCI 70-3 Class IV shutoff
    * Pilot Operated
    * Multi-Ply SST Diaphragm Actuated
    * Single Seated Steam Pressure Regulator
    * ±1 PSIG
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