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Wendland VFT639 Vertical Flash Tank

Wendland VFT639 Vertical Flash Tank Wendland Model VFT639 Vertical ASME Code Flash Tank

Flash steam, formed when a portion of the high pressure steam condensate (liquid) discharges from a steam trap, it then re-boils, and is separated from the liquid condensate and the Flash Steam produced exits the top of the Flash Tank. The remaining liquid condensate drains from the bottom of the Flash Tank, to a steam trap. The flash steam produced is usually added to the low pressure steam system or sometimes vented to atmosphere.
    * ASME Code Stamped 150 PSIG & National Board Registered
    * Tank Material: Carbon Steel .280" Thick Heads & Shell
    * 6" OD x 38" Long
    * Angle Legs Welded to Tank (3)
    * Exterior is SSPC-3 & Prime Painted
    * Lifting Lugs
    * 2 150# Flanged Inlet
    * 2 150# Flanged Vent
    * 1 FNPT Outlet
    * " FNPT
    * " FNPT
Tank Drawing
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Price: $1,836.00

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