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Heat-Timer 2˝" Motorized Steam Valve

Heat-Timer 2½" Motorized  Steam Valve Heat-Timer Single Seated Motorized Steam Valve

2-Way Non-Bellows Sealed Stem for High Pressure Steam Heating Zones
Turn ON or OFF the flow of steam to a system; for example, controlling when steam enters the radiators. See MPC Platinum

High Pressure Steam Heating. 2-way single seated or balanced valves can turn on or off the flow of steam from the boiler or other sources in a steam distribution system greater than 15 PSI where the maximum operating pressure is high and the allowable leakage is low.

Advantage. The unique balance plug valve design is more suitable in applications where the system pressure and the differential pressure are both high. Typical application include high pressure steam in district heating, boiler supply water and steam heating.

    * Complete Valve Assembly includes Valve Body, Actuator and 24V 40VA Transformer
    * Designed to withstand the temperature & pressure demands of most HVAC systems
    * ON/OFF or Modulating—Floating Signal Actuators
    * High performance direct-drive actuators (Approx. 2 minute Motor Speed)
    * Class IV Shutoff
    * Rated for pressures up to 62 psi
    * Equal% Contoured Balanced Port Plug Type
    * Maintenance Free Multi Stack Stem Packing provides Service Longevity
    * Can be mounted on horizontal or vertical piping
    * Two-Way, Single Seated, Bronze Trim
    * 11.4" FTF; 13.5" High (Pipe Centerline to Actuator Top)
    * SKU: 928272-50
    * ANSI 125# Flanged Connections

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