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Spence D50 Pressure Regulator " 25-80 PSI

Spence D50 Pressure Regulator ¾" 25-80 PSI " Spence D50 Pressure Reducing Valve, Direct Acting Steam, Water, And Air Valve, FNPT Connection, Max Pressure 200 PSI, Max Temp 400 F, Material of Construction Cast Iron, SST Internals Height 8-5/8"; 4-5/8" FTF; Length 6"

* Quick-response, pressure-reducing valves can be used for steam, water, or gas applications.
* With internal stainless steel strainer, adjustable pressure screw
* Meets ASME/FCI 70-3 Class IV shutoff
* Adjustable 25-80 PSI Spring Range
* SKU: D50-C1D9F

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Price: $386.31

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