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Conbraco Model 13-213-B15 Steam Safety Valve 1" x 1"

Conbraco Model 13-213-B15 Steam Safety Valve 1¼" x 1½"

1" MNPT x 1" FNPT

Model 13-213-B15 is a safety valve for over pressure protection of low pressure steam boilers operating up to 15 psi. It is rated up to 15 psi and 250F saturated steam. Model 13-213-B15 safety valves meet ASME code, Section IV.

    * Set at 15 PSIG
    * Rated 1,200 Lbs./Hr.
    * Nozzle-type chrome-plated brass disc
    * PTFE coated O-ring for positive seal
    * One piece Bronze Body - Bronze Seat
    * Rust proof steel spring
    * HV National Board Certified
    * Registered in all Canadian provinces and territories, CRN #0G2663. 1C
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