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Heat-Timer MSI Hub

Heat-Timer MSI Hub
Heat-Timer MSI Hub


The MSIG gives any Platinum control the capability of accessing a large number of additional inputs. The inputs can be temperature sensors or switch sensors. Each MSIG provides inputs for up to 16 total sensors. Multiple MSIGs can be connected to a single Platinum control.

Connecting the MSIG to the Platinum control and then configuring the inputs through the Internet will give the user the access to those inputs values as well as the alarming capability for those inputs.

    * View sensor values locally using the built-in digital display.
    * Can connect to Temperature and Switch Sensors
    * Easy to install. Just connect the Mini-MIG to any Platinum control with remote communication capability
    * Made in the USA!
Operation Manual

Ships in 3-5 days
Price: $482.81

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