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Heat-Timer ESV - Electronic Steam Valve Control

Heat-Timer ESV - Electronic Steam Valve Control HEAT-TIMER Model ESV Electronic Steam Valve Controller

The ESV is designed to operate one or two modulating motorized valves (steam or vacuum). It offers two modes of operation, either parallel modulation where both motorized valves will act as one. Or First-Open-First-Close (FOFC).

The FOFC logic is designed to out perform the One-Third/Two-Thirds concept. As the One-Third/Two-Thirds is made to utilize the actuators mechanical end-switches to achieve smoother modulation, the FOFC logic gives far better control by allowing different size actuator applications to use the larger actuator to increase the load and the smaller actuator to fine tune its operation.

Using Valve Start Position, Valve Start Delay, and Valve Close Position settings for each of the actuators makes the ESV satisfy every steam and vacuum application's unique need. These settings are designed to hold the valve partially opened when steam is not needed to reduce piping system stresses and noises.

The ESV offers two modulating signals; voltage and 4-20mA current. It can modulate either two voltage actuators or one voltage and one current actuator.
    * Accepts external setback dry-contact signal.
    * Optional Remote 4-20mA set point using 4-20mA EMS Inteface.
    * Operates two steam, two vacuum, or two hot water actuators.
    * Modulates voltage (0-10V, 0-5V, 2-10V, 1-5V) or current (4-20mA) actuators.
    * Multi-Line Digital Display.
    * Valve Start Position adjustment and Delay and Valve Close Percent are individual valve settings that leaves the valve partially opened to reduce system piing stresses associated with steam and vacuum systems.
    * ESV also has built in hot water reset with adjustable reset ratios, offset and outdoor cutoff.
    * UL Listed.
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