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Heat-Timer Straight VariValve Radiator Vent

Heat-Timer Straight VariValve Radiator Vent HEAT-TIMER Model VariValve Straight Pattern Adjustable Air Valve

Adjustable Radiator and Main Line Vent Valves for One Pipe steam Systems. Heat-timer VARIVALVES vent so quickly, it takes less time to fill your system with steam. And by adjusting the venting to balance the system, there is no need to raise the steam pressure to reach under heated areas. Shorter boiler run times and lower steam pressure, results in fuel savings. A large easy to adjust variable orifice simplifies balancing and makes radiators heat up fast.

    * 1/8" MNPT
    * Heavy-Duty Chrome Plated Brass
    * Straight Configuration
    * Designed for Steam Heating Applications
    * Adjustable Air Setting
    * Maximum Temperature 240F.
    * SKU: 925006-00

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