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Heat-Timer SQ-Elite-MV (Temperature) Offers 6 Stages and Motorized Valve Control

Heat-Timer SQ-Elite-MV (Temperature) Offers 6 Stages and Motorized Valve Control Sequencing Controls for 6 Stages and Motorized Valve

Hot Water/Hydronic Outdoor Reset:

The SQ-Elite-MV is the perfect control whenever multiple stages are required for heating, cooling, pressure, or humidity applications. It will automatically activate as many stages needed to maintain precise set point control using P.I.D logic or an Over-Size System concept. In addition, it can be set to a specific set point or can use Outdoor Reset. The SQ-Elite is equipped with DHW Pump, and combustion air damper relays. In addition, it provides an advanced logic to protect boilers from cold returns.

The SQ-Elite-MV can provide an additional output for each boiler for a boiler pump, which can remain active for an adjustable time delay.

In addition to building heating, the SQ-MV Elite offer Domestic Hot Water Priority.

Remote Communication: Communicate with EMS (Energy Management Systems) The SQ-Elite with its built-in Shutdown and Prove inputs, is capable of connecting to EMS. Moreover, using the 4-20mA EMS Interface, when purchased separately, the SQ-Elite can accept a set point as a 4-20mA signal from an EMS system.

    * Built-In Outdoor Reset
    * Adjustable outdoor temperature cutoff
    * 4 programmable Day/Night adjustments per day
    * Built-In Combustion Air Damper Control
    * Multiple Boiler/Chiller Rotation Options
    * SQ-Elite-8MV complete with two temperature sensors.
    * Adjustable minimum and maximum water temperature
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