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Heat-Timer HWR Platinum

Heat-Timer HWR Platinum Energy Saving, Outdoor Reset, Hot Water Boiler/Valve Controls


Hot Water / Hydronic Outdoor Reset: HWR Platinum control Series is designed to control a single On/off boiler or a floating motorized valve in hot water / Hydronic heated buildings. It regulates the system water temperature based on the outdoor temperature (Outdoor Reset). It controls either an single On/Off boiler or a floating motorized valve (for better temperature control). The HWR Platinum will start and stop the boiler, or modulate a motorized valve, to vary the system water temperature into a buildings radiation in accordance with changes in outside temperature.

Domestic Hot Water priority and pump operation: The HWR Platinum can be configured for Domestic Hot Water control in addition to heat. It offers different domestic hot water priority options in addition to controlling the domestic hot water pump.

Remote Communication: As a stand-alone, the HWR Platinum will regulate the hot water temperature to match the building heat loss. For total comfort while increasing the energy savings, the HWR Platinum can be upgraded to Internet Communication. This offers the capability of adding space sensors (wired or wireless) as well as a large variety of other sensors.

The HWR Platinum will reduce fuel costs while maintaining a more comfortable space temperature.

    * Built-In Outdoor Reset
    * Can be configured for On/Off or Motorized Valve
    * Adjustable outdoor temperature cutoff
    * 4 programmable Day/Night adjustments per day
    * Auxiliary Output that can control other equipment based on a separate built-in programmable time clock with 4 separate On/Off schedule settings per day
    * The HWR Platinum is UL Listed.
    * Solid state circuitry
    * Self diagnostics
    * BACnet Communication option (field upgradeable)
    * Internet Communication option (field upgradeable)
    * Locking NEMA-1 enclosure
    * Sensors can be extended up to 500' from the control
    * Accuracy of 1F or 1% of full scale
    * Outside Air Sensor and System Sensor INCLUDED
    * SKU: 926795-00
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Remote Communications Upgrade
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