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Heat-Timer HWRQ Platinum

Heat-Timer HWRQ Platinum
Energy Saving, Outdoor Reset, Hot Water Boiler/Valve Controls


Hot Water/Hydronic Outdoor Reset: The HWRQ Platinum is an outdoor reset hot water multiple boiler control. It operates multiple boilers in an energy efficient logic to provide outdoor reset capability while rotating the boilers to even their wear. The HWRQ Platinum controls up to 8 boiler Stages (8) on/off, (4) 2-Stage, (2) 3-Stage, or (2) 4-Stage boilers. Up to 24 additional stages can be added using multiple Extension Modules. See Remote Communication, Internet Communication, or BACnet communication add on.

In addition to building heating, the HWRQ platinum offer Domestic Hot Water Priority.

Remote Communication: As a stand-alone, the HWRQ Platinum will regulate the hot water temperature to match the building heat loss. For total comfort while increasing the energy savings, the HWRQ Platinum can be upgraded to Internet Communication. This offers the capability of adding space sensors (wired or wireless) as well as a large variety of other sensors.

The HWRQ Platinum will reduce fuel costs while maintaining a more comfortable space temperature.

    * Built-In Outdoor Reset
    * HWRQ Platinum can control up to 32 boiler stages as many as three Extension panels
    * Adjustable outdoor temperature cutoff
    * 4 programmable Day/Night adjustments per day
    * Solid state circuitry
    * Self diagnostics
    * BACnet Communication option (field upgradeable)
    * Internet Communication option (field upgradeable)
    * Locking NEMA-1 enclosure
    * Sensors can be extended up to 500' from the control
    * Accuracy of 1F or 1% of full scale
    * Adjustable minimum and maximum water temperature
    * The HWRQ Platinum is UL Listed
    * Outside Air Sensor and System Sensor INCLUDED
    * SKU: 926800-00
Specification Sheet

O&M Manual
Remote Communications Upgrade
Extension Module
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Price: $2,127.38

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