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Heat-Timer 1" Motorized Valve

Heat-Timer 1½" Motorized Valve Heat-Timer Motorized Valve

2-Way Non-Bellows Sealed Stem for Low Pressure Steam Heating Zones
Turn ON or OFF the flow of steam to a system; for example, controlling when steam enters the radiators. See MPC Platinum

Modulate the amount of steam entering a system; for example, controlling the temperature of water leaving a heat exchanger by modulating the amount of steam entering the exchanger

    * Valves come complete with motors and transformers
    * Designed to withstand the temperature and pressure demands of most types of HVAC systems
    * Valve motor has infinite adjustability between fully open and fully closed
    * High performance direct-drive actuators (Approx. 2 Minute Motor Speed)
    * Single Seat ANSI Class IV Shut-off
    * Rated for pressures up to 125 psi
    * Equal% Contoured plug type for continuous flow even at the smallest opening
    * Bronze body for longevity and durability
    * Two-Way, Single Seated, SST Trim
    * 5.75" FTF; 19.5" High (Pipe Centerline to Actuator Top)
    * NPT Connections

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