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Heat Timer HWE-SEQ-3 Hot Water Reset Digi-Span®

Heat Timer HWE-SEQ-3 Hot Water Reset Digi-Span® HEAT-TIMER Model HWE-SEQ-3-Elite Multi-Stage or Multi-Boiler Hydronic Control

The perfect energy saving outdoor reset control for residential and light commercial hot water outdoor reset heating applications. All of the DIGI-Elite Series controls come with a digital display, adjustable reset ratio, offset, and outdoor cutoff.

The SEQ-3 is a multiple boiler outdoor reset control. It can operate up to 3 boilers or a 2-stage boiler (Lo/Hi). It has built-in domestic hot water priority.

    * Built-In Enable/Disable (External Activation).
    * Accuracy of 1F
    * Built-in domestic hot water priority (DHW) control and priority
    * Mounts on a 1900 box or use the provided extension skirt for wall mounting.
    * Multi-Line Digital Display.
    * Can be powered using 120VAC or 24VAC.
    * UL Listed
    * SKU: 929170-00
HWE-Elite Series Includes Outdoor and Heating System Sensors

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