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Heat-Timer HWE-SS Reset Controller Digi-Span®

Heat-Timer HWE-SS Reset Controller Digi-Span® HEAT-TIMER Model HWE-SS Residential Outdoor Reset Control

    Save $$ 15% on your oil and gas bills!
    The perfect control for residential Hot Water Reset applications.
    All of the DIGI-Elite Series controls come with a digital display, adjustable reset ratio, offset and outdoor cutoff. HWE-SS Single Stage - Hot Water Reset control with multiple domestic hot water priority options for single stage boiler applications.

    Easy to install, Easy to Set-up, Easy to Operate!!
    Compatible with zoned thermostatic room heating. Also responds immediately to satisfy all your household hot water needs. Perfect for cold start boilers with simple on/off burners.

    Professional Installation Required & Recommended

      * Built-In Outdoor Reset
      * Customizable Reset Ratios
      * Multiple controls that can fit every hydronic heating application
      * Built-in domestic hot water (DHW) control and priority
      * Can be powered by 120VAC or 24VAC without the use of transformers
      * Can be controlled remotely using an Enable/Disable input See ZCP (Zone Control Panel)
      * Includes Outdoor & Heating System Sensors
      * Self diagnostics
      * Solid state sensors can be extended up to 500' from the control
      * Accuracy of 1F or 1% of full scale
      * SKU: 929175-00

    Specification Sheet

    O&M Manual

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