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Nicholson NTD600S Thermodynamic Steam Trap 1"

Nicholson NTD600S Thermodynamic Steam Trap 1" NTD600S with INTEGRAL STRAINER
    * Pressures To 600 PSIG (41.3 barg)
    * Temperatures to 800F (426C)
    * Compact Design - Hardened stainless steel disc is the only moving part.
    * Inexpensive - Low initial cost is less expensive than repairable technologies.
    * Simplifies Installation - Works in any position.
    * Rugged - Handles water hammer and superheat.
    * Reliable, Efficient Operation - Blast discharge helps to eliminate dirt buildup and provides tight shutoff
    * Freeze resistant - Self draining design prevents freezing.
    * All Stainless Steel Construction - Resists both internal and external corrosion.
    * Easy to Monitor - Audible discharge cycle makes checking operation simple.
    * SKU: NTD600-N1E9S
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