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Spence D208 Pilot Valve (20218)

Spence D208 Pilot Valve (20218) Spence Model 'D208'
Available in Cast Iron, the Spence Type D208 Complete Electronic Slow Start-up control pilot designed to be installed on an existing Spence PRV for the purpose of incrementally heating up and pressurizing the steam system and then functioning as a steam pressure regulator. The D208 provides a controlled start-up of a steam PRV station with a field adjustable time period from 6 minutes to 96 minutes in 6 minute intervals. Requires 120 VAC
    * Cast Iron Body
    * Stainless Steel Trim
    * Rated 250 PSIG @ 406F.
    * ANSI/FCI 70-3 Class IV shutoff
    * SKU: P-D208-C1S1A6
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Price: $9,051.12

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