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Titan YS 52-AB Aluminum Bronze, 1-1/2" NPT, Y Strainer

Titan YS 52-AB Aluminum Bronze, 1-1/2" NPT, Y Strainer Titan YS52-AB 1-1/2" Strainer

Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B148) is a preferred material for lead-free wye strainers, meeting requirements for potable water systems by containing 0.25% lead or less by average weight on all wetted parts.

Aluminum Bronze is strong and corrosion resistant, meeting the needs of many various applications, such as seawater and marine

Regulators, pumps, flow meters, control valves, steam traps etc. will benefit from proper protection installing a strainer upstream. Titan strainers are engineered for water or steam, and are adaptable for many other uses.

    * Meets LEAD-FREE requirements
    * Aluminum Bronze ASTM B148 Gr. 9D
    * ANSI CLASS 250
    * NPT Connections
    * 250 PSIG @ 406 Deg F STEAM
    * 400 PSIG @ 150 Deg F WOG
    * 30 Mesh SST Standard Screen Steam
    * 20 Mesh SST Standard Screen Water
    * Threaded Cover
    * Drain/Blow-off connection furnished with plug
    * Other Mesh/Perf Screens available upon request (at additional cost)
Ships in 3-5 days
Price: $108.41

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