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Kunkle Model 1 Brass Safety Valve "

Kunkle Model 1 Brass Safety Valve ¾"

Model 1 Brass Top Outlet Safety Valve " MNPT

Model 1
Kunkle Model 1 is a safety valve for over pressure protection.ASME Section VIII, Air/Gas or Steam, 'UV' National Board Certified. Compact assembly allows minimum space requirements, Precision lapped, metal-to-metal beveled seat provides premium shutoff. Adjustable blowdown for precise opening, with minimum preopen or simmer, and exact blowdown control.

    * 5 to 250 psig; -60 to 406F
    * Steam turbines kettles, other steam-processing equipment
    * Single cap and lifting lever permits manual valve opening (testing) with little force required.
    * Pressure Vessels - including tanks, receivers, intercoolers, aftercoolers
    * Air/Gas Compressors - portable or stationary
    * Air and non-hazardous gas service.
    * SKU: 0001-D01
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