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Spence Series 2000 "

Spence Series 2000 ½" Spence Series 2000 Self-Contained Temperature Regulator

Self-operated regulators control temperatures of water, fuel oil, plating tanks, steam tables or other liquids without electricity.

Thermal System Bulb (probe) when installed in tanks, vessels, piping, etc. reacts to temperature changes to increase or decrease flow.
    * Indicating Dial Thermometer
    * Galvanized Union End Connections
    * Bronze Body
    * SST Trim
    * 8' Bronze Armored Capillary
    * Maximum Upstream Pressure 140 PSIG
    * 1" MNPT Union Bushing for probe
    * Available for Heating (Direct Acting), Cooling (Reverse Acting)
    * SKU: 2010TC-GQD
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Price: $2,156.98
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