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Kunkle Model 300 Steam Safety Relief Valve 6" x 8"

Kunkle Model 300 Steam Safety Relief Valve 6" x 8"
300LQP01-A is a safety valve for over pressure protection of steam boilers. Meet ASME code, Section I.

300LQP01-L is a safety relief valve for steam service on unfired pressure vessels. It is also used on Pressure Reducing Stations, Accumulators, Cleaners, and Distillers. Meets ASME code, Section VIII.

Model 300LQP01-K is a safety relief valve for air, gas and vapors. It is used on compressors, receivers, burners, dryers and other piping systems. Meets ASME code, Section VIII.

    * Type 'Q' Orifice
    * Heavy duty construction of high quality Cast Steel Body with Stainless Steel (SST) Full-Nozzle Trim for optimum performance.
    * ANSI 300# inlet flange and 150# outlet flange
    * Bolted yoke design for easy maintenance
    * Steel yoke incorporates a cover-shield for guiding surfaces and provides for fully exposed spring
    * Seats lapped to optical flatness for tight shutoff
    * All adjustments are factory sealed to help prevent tampering or disassembly
    * Dual control rings offer easy adjustability for precision opening with minimum preopen or simmer and exact blowdown control
    * Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage

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