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Kunkle Model 537 Cast Iron Safety Valve 2"

Kunkle Model 537 Cast Iron Safety Valve 2" Model 537
Kunkle Model 537 safety relief valves serve the dual purpose of relieving (1) over pressure created by thermal expansion under normal 'on and off' firing conditions and (2) over pressure in the form of water or steam created in over-firing due to failure of electrical or other controls.

    * 2" Inlet x 2" Outlet
    * 15 to 160 psig -20F to 250F
    * Hot water boilers, heat exchangers and generators.
    * ASME Section IV, Low Pressure Hot Water Boilers, 'HV', National Board Certified
    * An isolating diaphragm protects working parts from corrosion caused by discharged liquid
    * Extra heavy construction provides long life
    * Top guided disc assembly incorporates resilient seal in seating area.
    * SKU: 537-H01
    Specification Sheet
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