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Kunkle Model 548 1/4" Brass Safety Valve

Kunkle Model 548 1/4" Brass Safety Valve

Model 548-A01-KM Safety Valve

Model 548
Brass safety valves with a stainless steel seat that meet ASME section VIII, UV, for air/gas and are National Board certified, Exceptional seat tightness performance

Suitable for use on small to medium size single and multi-stage air compressors, intercoolers, aftercoolers, instrument/control air lines and systems. Also for air tanks/receivers and pressurized equipment.

    * 3 to 400 psig; -60 to 400F
    * High capacity with small size
    * Manual Lift Ring
    * Top guided disc
    * Factory sealed to prevent tampering or disassembly
    * Air and non-hazardous gas service.
    * SKU: 548-A01-KM
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