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Kunkle Model 6254FJH Steam Relief Valve 2" x 2˝"

Kunkle Model 6254FJH Steam Relief Valve 2" x 2½"

2" 250# Flanged x 2˝" FNPT

Safety valve for over pressure protection of Low pressure steam heating boilers. Model 6254 ASME Section IV “HV”; National Board Certified. PED Certified for Non-Hazardous Gas . 15 psig Set Pressure only.

    * ASME Section IV Steam Capacity 2,217 Lbs./Hr. @ 15 PSI Set Pressure
    * High quality cast iron body with Stainless Steel (SS) Semi-nozzle trim & disc
    * Enclosed Spring - Side outlet
    * Single cap and lifting lever permits manual valve opening (testing) with little force required.
    * Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage

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