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Heat-Timer ETV Platinum+ " Electronic Tempering Valve for Domestic Hot Water MODBUS

Heat-Timer ETV Platinum+ ¾" Electronic Tempering Valve for Domestic Hot Water MODBUS Heat-Timer " ETV Platinum Plus Tempering Valve w/MODBUS Card

Electronic Tempering Valve for Domestic Hot Water
This electronic tempering valve accurately regulates water temperature for a wide variety of applications. The large, easy-to-read display and user-friendly adjustment module can be located conveniently, up to 500 feet from the valve. This allows outlet water temperature to be monitored at a glance and for the temperature to be adjusted without having to access the valve piping.

The ETV Platinum Plus combines a rugged stainless-steel valve body, a reliable electronic actuator, and a control module with PID-type logic. The control module constantly monitors the outlet temperature of the valve which is constantly displayed and can be read across the room in virtually any lighting conditions. Based on the set point, which is user-adjustable in 1 increments, the control employs PID-type logic to adjust the signal sent to the actuator. The actuator mounts directly to valve body and mixes the hot and cold water required to produce the desired outlet temperature.

The PID-Type control quickly restores the desired water temperature, even after large changes in load conditions, with a minimum of fluctuation. This makes the ETV Platinum Plus ideal for applications with sudden load shifts or where an outlet water return cannot be piped into the cold water supply of the valve challenging applications in the same inexpensive, easy-to-use package.

Certified to comply with A.S.S.E. standard 1017.

Ideal for:
    * Domestic hot water temperature control
    * Heating and cooling applications
    * The ETV is certified to be installed in Massachusetts
    * Industrial processes
    * Stainless Steel Packages comply with California Lead Free Code AB1953
    * Stainless Steel Packages are certified by CSA to comply with NSF / ANSI 61-2008
    * Module allows additional sensor inputs on COLD and HOT inlet to the ETV Platinum+ valve
    * Remote Communication MODBUS communication card
    *Complete with NEMA 1 Enclosure with Digital Display,(Settings Stored in Memory, SST Valve Body with Motor, and Probe Type Direct Contact Outlet Temperature Sensor
    * SKU: 915671-BUS


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