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Heat-Timer MPCQ Platinum

Heat-Timer MPCQ Platinum Outdoor Reset Cycling & Sequencing Controls for Steam Heating Systems


The MPCQ Platinum control Series is designed to control multiple steam boilers for steam-heated buildings. It either utilizes the steam cycle concept and the outdoor temperature, Or, sequence the boilers to achieve a fixed set point. Each of these options has a set of preconfigured, but adjustable settings to meet the specific needs of each building.The MPCQ Platinum comes complete with sensors and relays.

The MPCQ Platinum varies the duration of steam flow into a building by controlling up to 8 boiler stages (8 on/off or 4 lo/hi). Additional stages can be added with an Extension Panel.

The MPCQ Platinum will reduce fuel costs while maintaining a more comfortable space temperature.

    * Built-In Outdoor Reset
    * Can be configured for Burner or District Steam
    * Adjustable outdoor temperature cutoff
    * 4 programmable Day/Night adjustments per day
    * Auxiliary Output that can control other equipment based on a separate built-in programmable time clock with 4 separate On/Off schedule settings per day
    * Thermal lockout
    * Solid state circuitry
    * Self diagnostics
    * BACnet Communication option (field upgradeable)
    * Internet Communication option (field upgradeable)
    * Locking NEMA-1 enclosure
    * Sensors can be extended up to 500' from the control
    * Accuracy of 1F or 1% of full scale
    * OA Sensor and 30 PSI Pressure Transducer INCLUDED
    * SKU: 926790-00
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Remote Communications Upgrade
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Price: $3,470.63
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