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Heat-Timer 1˝" Motorized Valve, 0-10V Proportional Actuator

Heat-Timer 1½" Motorized Valve, 0-10V Proportional Actuator 1˝" Heat-Timer Motorized Valve
    * Cast Iron Body
    * SS/Brass Trim
    * 0-10V Proportional Actuator
    * Motor Speed Approximately 60 Seconds
    * Maximum Close-off Pressure 12 PSIG
    * Steam, Vacuum & Hot Water Service
    * 3-Way Valve Configuration—Converts To 2-Way Valve Configuration
    * Rated 165 PSIG @ 302°F.
    * Complete Valve Assembly includes Valve Body, Actuator and 24V 40VA Transformer
    * NPT End Connections
    * Electric Actuator with Manual Operator
    * Maintenance Free Multi Stack Stem Packing provides Service Longevity
    * SKU: 928524-CV

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