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Heat Timer HWE-MOV Hot Water Reset Digi-Span®

Heat Timer HWE-MOV Hot Water Reset Digi-Span® HEAT-TIMER Model HWE-MOV-Elite Motorized Valve Hot Water Reset Control (Floating Type Motor)

The perfect energy saving outdoor reset control for residential and light commercial hot water outdoor reset heating applications. All of the DIGI-Elite Series controls come with a digital display, adjustable reset ratio, offset, and outdoor cutoff.

Provides Hot Water Outdoor Reset energy saving motorized valve control. It modulates a 3 or 4 way motorized valve.

    * Built-In Enable/Disable (External Activation).
    * Accuracy of 1F
    * Built-in boiler return monitoring and control
    * Mounts on a 1900 box or use the provided extension skirt for wall mounting.
    * Multi-Line Digital Display.
    * Can be powered using 120VAC or 24VAC.
    * UL Listed
    * SKU: 929180-00
HWE-Elite Series Includes Outdoor and Heating System Sensors

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