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Heat Timer VSP-Elite Digi-Span®

Heat Timer VSP-Elite Digi-Span® HEAT-TIMER Model VSP-Elite is a variable speed injection pump control

The low cost, energy efficient VSP-Elite provides more precise control of pump speed than any other similar product on the market. And it works great as an outdoor reset control or a set point control. The VSP-Elite adjusts the speed of a pump to control the amount of hot water injected into the heating/secondary loop. The VSP-Elite controls the injection pumps to a high level of precision, thus providing accurate control over the secondary loop temperature. Unlike other controls, the VSP-Elite can operate the pump at a significantly lower speed. Lower speed means more precise temperature control and higher overall efficiency.

VSP-Elite offers manual speed control for well balanced injection applications. Simply, select Manual Speed Control and then specify the pump speed that best fits the injection system.

    * Built-In Enable/Disable (External Activation).
    * Accuracy of 1F
    * Built-in boiler return monitoring and control
    * Mounts on a 1900 box or use the provided extension skirt for wall mounting.
    * Multi-Line Digital Display.
    * Can be powered using 120VAC or 24VAC.
    * Now with setback and boost functionality for better comfort and energy saving.
    * UL Listed.
    * SKU: 929185-00
VSP-Elite Series Includes Outdoor Sensor, System Sensor, Boiler Return Sensor, and a brass thermowell.

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