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Watson McDaniel " x " AE1822R Air Eliminator

Watson McDaniel ¾" x ¾" AE1822R Air Eliminator Watson McDaniel AE1800R Series Guided Float Type Liquid Drainer

The AE1800 & AE1800R Series Air Eliminators from Watson McDaniel are used for the removal of air and other gases from vessels or piping systems without allowing the contained liquid to escape. The valve and seat assembly inside the air eliminator is connected to a stainless steel float. When there is no liquid in the body of the air eliminator, the float will be in the down position allowing air or other gases in the vessel or piping system to escape. When liquid enters the body, it will lift the float and cause the valve to close before any liquid can escape. All Stainless Steel body and internals.

    * Stainless Steel Body
    * .101 Orifice
    * Hardened Stainless Steel Valve & Seat
    * Repairable Design
    * Max Operating Pressure 265 PSIG
    * Max Temp 500F.
    * Compare with Armstrong 11-AV Series
    * SKU: AE1822R-N
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