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Cybertor Annunciator

Cybertor Annunciator Cybertor ANN-6R Six Light Annunciator

Ideal for Alarming of two stage pressure reducing stations, monitors and alarms on raise or drop in pressure of incoming high, medium, and low pressure stages.

* 8A DPDT Relay Outputs
* One Audible Alarm Horn for all contacts
* Alarm Acknowledge Silence Switch
* Large LED Alarm Indicators
* Available in Wall or Panel Mount
    Power: 115 or 230 VAC 50/60Hz.
    Visual Output: 0.5 inch square red LED's
    Audio Output: 110 dbA Buzzer
    Relay Output: 8A/250V DPDT
Also see Pressure Switches
Ships in 3-5 days
Price: $1,074.00

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