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Spence ED Steam Pressure Reducing Valve 2" NPT 5-50

Spence ED Steam Pressure Reducing Valve 2" NPT  5-50 Spence Pressure Regulator, 2", 5 to 50 psi
Available in Cast Iron, the Spence Type ED pressure regulator is designed to reduce a steady or varying initial pressure to a constant, adjustable delivery pressure. Normal accuracy of regulation is 1 psi. Ranging in size from 3/8" to 12", the type ED is designed for use in steam plants and district heating systems. The Cast Iron valves are constructed for steam service up to 450F This regulator is capable of single stage, two stage, and parallel reduction.
    * Cast Iron Body
    * Outlet Pressure Adjustment Range: 5 to 50 psi
    * Stainless Steel Trim
    * Includes 5/16" Copper Tubing, Bends and Fittings Kit
    * Rated 250 PSIG @ 406F.
    * ANSI/FCI 70-3 Class IV shutoff
    * FNPT Threaded Ends
    * Pilot Operated
    * Multi-Ply SST Diaphragm Actuated
    * Single Seated Steam Pressure Regulator
    * ±1 PSIG
    * SKU: E-C1H9A1B1AK1

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