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Macon Controls EVO-28 Non-Electric Operator

Macon Controls EVO-28 Non-Electric Operator Macon Controls Model EVO-28 Non-Electric Operator

The Macon EVO thermostatic valve will help you balance your heating system. The EVO operator has one of the most accurate sensors available for radiator temperature control. The problems of overheating, underheating and wide temperature swings can now be minimized.

The EVO thermostatic valve by Macon Controls conserves energy by regulating temperature.
Fuel costs can be reduced up to 30%!

The EVO is a self-acting adjustable non-electric thermostatic operator. It has an anti-freeze position, adjustable max./min. temperature settings, selected temperature locking feature and can be shutoff completely if desired. Each EVO thermostatic operator is individually calibrated and conforms to ASHRAE standardization rules for temperature regulation. The evos smooth shape with narrow air gaps is a very functional design and allows for easy cleaning. The EVO can be mounted on all Macon NT series valves. Millions are in use throughout the world.

    * Temp. Range: 46 82F
    * Hystersis: 0.9F
    * Heat Transfer: 1.1F (Valve Housing Sensor)
    * Dead Time: 0.8 Minutes
    * Max. Differential Pressure: 20 psi
    * Suggested Differential Pressure = 0.5 to 2.9 psi
    * Prevents over & under heating
    * Maximum steam pressure: 15 psig
    * Max. Storage & Ambient Temp.: 122F
    * Maximum water temperature: 250F
    * Max. Movement: 0.125 inches
    * Nominal Opening: 0.018 (3.6F)
    * Long Term Test: 5000 cycles (1.3F)
    * SKU: EVO-28

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