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Shannon Insultech Thermal Blanket Insulation for 2" 250# Spence E Main

Shannon Insultech Thermal Blanket Insulation for 2½" 250# Spence E Main INSULTECH REMOVABLE/REUSABLE INSULATING JACKET
    * Ambient Temperatures to 450F
    * 250# Flanged Spence E Main Valve
    * 1" Blanket Thickness
    * Grey PTFE/Teflon Impregnated/Coated Fiberglass Jacket Material
    * 1"-2" Overlap on to mating flange- No Customization
    * Velcro Flap Closures with SST Wire Twists
    * Double Sewn Lock Stitch with a Minimum of 7 Stitches per Inch Construction
    * All Edges To Have a Tri-Fold PTFE/Teflon Jacketing Binding
    * Finished Thickness of 1" to 1-1/2" Type 'E' Needled Fiberglass Mat
    * Improved Energy Savings A typical Energy Survey will show a payback period on investment of roughly 1 year.
Specification Sheet

Ships in 4-6 weeks
Price: $315.50

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