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Spence J1 2" Cast Iron Pneumatic Flow Control Valve

Spence J1 2" Cast Iron Pneumatic Flow Control Valve 2" Spence Model 'J36'

Spence Type 'J1' Control Valve features a high capacity streamlined body which reduces velocity and pressure loss. It offers a compact design for ease of installation, multiple port sizes allows for flexibility in sizing. Stainless Steel Trim for long life and corrosion resistance. Super polished, extra thick stem provides low friction and precise control with live loaded V-ring packing that is self adjusting. NEMUR 4 mounting pad for accessories.

    * Cast Iron Body
    * Stainless Steel Trim
    * 100:1 Flow Rangeability
    * Maximum Inlet Pressure 125 PSIG
    * Air, Steam, Gas & Water Service
    * Rated 250 PSIG @ 450F. WSP
    * ANSI/FCI 70-3 Class IV shutoff
    * FNPT Threaded End Connections
    * Epoxy Coated & SST Actuator
    * Air To Open / Reverse Acting / Fail Closed
    * High Capacity - 1-3/4" Modified Equal % Port - Spring Return
    * Spring Loaded V-Ring Chevron Self Adjusting Packing
    * Requires 3-15 PSI Control Signal
    * SKU: J1MH91160RHAA11

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