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Nicholson N125L Thermostatic Steam Trap "

Nicholson N125L Thermostatic Steam Trap ¾" N125L SERIES THERMOSTATIC STEAM TRAPS
    * Pressures To 125 PSIG (8.75 barg)
    * Temperatures to 400F (204C)
    * Fail Closed
    * Lower Capacity
    * Bronze body
    * Hardened 416 SST Self Centering Valve Disc & Seat--Leak Tight Shutoff
    * Simplifies Installation - Works in any position.
    * Stainless Steel,welded actuator for maximum corrosion,thermal and hydraulic shock resistance
    * Guaranteed against defects in materials & workmanship 3 years
    * Freeze resistant-Threaded male union horizontal inlet and vertical outlet
    * 1/8" Orifice Lower Capacities
    * Self Draining
    * Improved Energy Savings Maximum elimination of air and non-condensables trap closes at saturated steam temperature.
    * Air Vent Efficient steam service air vent when equipped with ISO Bellows and installed in air vent location.
    * SKU: N125-B2D91A0
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