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Watson McDaniel PT Temperature Pilot 200-260 15'

Watson McDaniel PT Temperature Pilot 200-260 15' Watson McDaniel PT-31-15 Series Temperature Pilot

The PT-Temperature Pilots are used with the HD regulator to control temperature in various processes and systems. Some examples are: oil heaters, ovens, process heaters, vats, dryers and jacketed kettles. Thermostatic sensing bulb comes with standard 8-ft. or 15-ft. capillary lengths. Temperature adjustment is accomplished by rotating an adjustment knob to the desired temperature setting. The HD Regulator can be used with both the PP-Pressure Pilot and PT-Temperature Pilot simultaneously to limit pressure and control temperature in process applications. Using both the temperature and pressure pilots on the same regulator eliminates the need for two separate regulators to control temperature and pressure and the need for a steam trap in between.

    Available in:
    * Ductile Iron Body
    * Stainless Steel Trim
    * 15' Armored Capillary
    * Bronze Bulb is 8.5" Long; 5/8" Diameter
    * Adjustable Temperature Range 200-260 Deg. F.
    * SKU: PT-31-15
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