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Titan YS 62-CS Cast Steel, 2" 300# Flanged, Y Strainer

Titan YS 62-CS Cast Steel, 2½" 300# Flanged, Y Strainer Titan YS62-CS 2" Strainer

Regulators, pumps, flow meters, control valves, steam traps etc. will benefit from proper protection installing a strainer upstream. Titan strainers are engineered for water or steam, and are adaptable for many other uses. Cleaning is accomplished by simply removing a pipe plug without disconnecting any piping. Or, if it is desirable to clean without interrupting service, a blow-off valve can be connected to the blow-off connection.
    * ANSI Class 300
    * Cast Carbon Steel ASTM A216 Gr. WCB
    * Epoxy Painted
    * Max. Steam 300 PSIG @ 420° F.
    * WOG 740 PSIG @ 100° F.
    * ANSI 300# Flanged Connections
    * 1/32" Perf 304 SST Standard Steam Screen
    * 1/16" Perf 304 SST Standard Water Screen
    * Extra Heavy Body, Bolted Cover with gasket
    * Drain/Blow-off connection with gasketed plug
    * SKU: YS62C0250
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Price: $531.41
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