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Kunkle Model 337 Safety Valve 3" x 3"

Kunkle Model 337 Safety Valve 3" x 3" Model 337
Kunkle 3" x 3" Cast Iron Safety Valves that meet ASME Sec VIII (UV) for air/gas and are National Board certified, PED certified for non-hazardous gas. Bronze nozzle and disc. Has ‘lift-pin’ lift device for easy manual testing.

    * Cast Iron Body, Bronze Nozzle and Disc
    * Pressure and Temperature Limits: 60 PSIG, 406 Deg. F.
    * ASME VIII, XIII (UV Designator) and PED
    * All adjustments are factory sealed to prevent tampering or disassembly
    * Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage
    * SKU: 337-K01
    Specification Sheet
Set Pressure PSIG (60 PSIG or Less)
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Price: $882.00
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