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Square D 9038CG35 Mechanical Alternator

Square D 9038CG35 Mechanical Alternator

Square D Mechanical Alternator

Square D Model 9038CG35 Mechanically Alternating Float Switch, Right Float Position, Closed Tank, Contact Type 2 Pole, Switch Function Close on Rise, NEMA 1, Amps 10; An external pointer indicates the float position within the tank when the unit is mounted.

    * Closed tank switches use 2 1/2" NPT male screw-in connection.
    * Switches come complete with screw-in connector, stainless steel float and rod.
    * Ambient temp. range: -22 Degree to 220 Degree F.
    * UL Listed and CSA Certified.
    * Can be used to control small motor loads directly.
    * HP rating: 1-phase, 115V-2 HP
    * HP rating: 1-phase, 230V-3 HP.
    * HP rating: 3-phase, 230V-5 HP.
    * HP rating: 3-phase, 575V-5 HP.
    * SKU: 9038CG35
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Price: $456.25

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