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Heat-Timer EPU-D

Heat-Timer EPU-D
Energy Saving::Outdoor Reset::Steam Heat Cycling Control


EPU-D control series is designed for steam-heated buildings to control either a steam boiler or a motorized valve.
Utilizing the steam cycle concept and the outdoor temperature, the control varies the duration of the steam supply to the building in a cycle based on the outdoor temperature. Each of these options has a set of pre-configured, but adjustable settings to meet the specific needs of each building.The EPU-D comes complete with sensors and relays.

The EPU-D will reduce fuel costs while maintaining a more comfortable space temperature.

    * Built-In Outdoor Reset
    * Automatically cycles boiler operation based on outdoor temperature.
    * Separate Day and Night outdoor temperature cutoff set points
    * Separate Day and Night heat adjustments
    * Morning Warm up to quickly return the building to comfortable heat levels after Night or Save period
    * A reliable, easily installed, “Weatherhead”. This sensor monitors outdoor temperature and can be run up to 500′ from the panel.
    *Heating System Sensor to indicate heat has circulated to all parts of the building. This sensor is strapped onto a system return pipe and can be run up to 500′ from the Control.
    * Accuracy of ±1ºF or 1% of full scale
    * SKU: 926840-00

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