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Nicholson 1" FTN-30 Steam Trap

Nicholson 1" FTN-30 Steam Trap Nicholson Steam Trap 1" FTN30 - 5265030

Nicholson Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps are ideally suited for most HVAC, Process and Drip applications. The stainless steel float ball automatically adjusts the position of the main valve so that condensate is discharged continuously at the same rate as it enters the trap.

Air and other non-condensed gases which are present at start-up or which enter the trap during operation are discharged through the internal pressure balanced thermostatic air vent The traps will operate against any back-pressure lower than the inlet pressure. (The differential pressure—inlet pressure minus outlet pressure—will determine the steam trap capacity).

    * Cast Iron Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap
    * Hardened Stainless Steel Valves & Seats
    * 30 PSI Differential Pressure Rating
    * Pressure Balanced Internal Thermostatic Air Vent
    * Four (4) Port H Design to simplify Installation
    * PMA:Max. Allowable Pressure 125 psig
    * TMA:Max. Allowable Temperature 450°F
    * SKU: FTN-C2E9A
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