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Tunstall Steam Trap Capsule for use on (Warren Webster #512)

Tunstall Steam Trap Capsule for use on (Warren Webster #512) Tunstall Class 2 Capsule
Tunstall Steam Capsules® have been in service since 1985. Their warranty performance since that time has resulted in a practically nonexistent failure rate. The Tunstall Steam Trap Capsule® has changed the nature of the steam trap repair business.

Tunstall Steam Capsules® retrofit almost all thermostatic steam traps made in this century. Each capsule is individually tested and calibrated before shipment. We believe Tunstall Steam Trap Capsules® are by far the best way to repair and upgrade existing traps for years of trouble free service.

* Tunstall Thread type capsule TCWW-2507 is used on Warren Webster 512 steam traps
* Stainless Steel Tig Welded Tunstall Capsule
* B&J# 1998
* Rated Vacuum to 125 PSIG
* SKU: TCWW-2507

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